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South Shore Rehabilitation & Nursing Center proudly leads the way as Long Island’s premier facility for sub-acute services and long-term care for over 60 years. South Shore has consistently provided outstanding quality care while staying updated with medical advancements and the changing needs of their patients. Over the years they have developed close relationships with most Long Island hospitals and has also maintained referral relationships with health facilities nationwide.

South Shore expanded services within a traditional nursing home setting and was among the very first to offer sub-acute rehab services on the East Coast. This offered residents an option for short-term services at South Shore such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, IV therapy, wound care, pain management and more after a hospital stay.

South Shore also opened one of the first dedicated sub-acute respiratory and ventilator-weaning units. This unique 40-bed program has since returned hundreds of patients, many of whom were thought to be ventilator-dependent for the rest of their lives, home completely vent-free. There is careful placement of in-wall oxygen and suctioning throughout the building which gives respiratory patients nearly full access to the facility’s buildings and grounds, allowing them an opportunity to enjoy activities and greater mobility during their stay.




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The program offers extensive physician-based pulmonary coverage and maintains its own staff of highly qualified respiratory professionals who are experienced and trained to meet the individual needs of their patients. South Shore’s updated facility provides patients requiring oxygen a more complete recovery experience through its unique facility-wide in-wall oxygen and suctioning system. This gives our patients requiring oxygen access to most of the building and grounds, and an opportunity to more fully participate in various recreational and social activities.

South Shore offers a full complement of services for adults and can accommodate the care needs for younger adults age 16 and up. Services available span both long-term needs for permanent residents as well as short-term needs. The rehabilitation service offers physical, occupational and speech therapies; IV infusion therapy, wound care, skilled nursing, joint replacement rehabilitation, pain management and the respiratory/ventilator program.

South Shore offers Short-term care for those who would benefit from additional after a hospital stay. Short-term patients in our sub-acute programs are typically better able to successfully transition back to home or an alternate care setting than returning direct from the hospital.

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We have combined technology, superlative occupational therapies, and the sincere care of a devoted nursing staff, to bring the best outcomes to our patients, no matter their age or condition.

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We are proud to offer patients many advanced solutions to their wound healing problems. It is important for wounds to remain clean and free of debris and bacteria in order to properly heal and prevent infection, so proper dressings that are changed on a regular basis are essential. We provide wound care treatment that is conducive to healing and helps lead toward a quick and efficient recovery, while keeping cosmetic concerns in mind as well.

Your doctor will determine which type of wound care is best for you after an initial evaluation of your wound size, location and severity.

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South Shore offers Bariatric care for Residents that need help losing weight and regaining mobility. The program provides an interdisciplinary approach for the severely obese patient and combines rehabilitation, weight loss management, behavioral techniques, nutrition education, stress management and group support.


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Our glass atrium lounge and lovely outdoor grounds with patio


Full service dining accommodating to therapeutic diets and individual preferences


Full service beauty and barber salon


Full service concierge department.

Call and ask for Sharon!


Varied recreational and social programs including Live musical events, Wii™ activities, and holiday events

Video Visits

Virtual video visits on our Ipads are set up with family's so you can visit from the comfort of your home. 


South Shore Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

Phone: 516-623-4000
Admissions Direct Line: 516-868-6097
Fax: 516-223-4599
275 West Merrick Road
Freeport, NY 11520-3397


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